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Why Yuva Computer Store?

First and foremost, unlike many other online shopping sites that source the products *after* you place an order with them, we have more than 95% of the fast moving products listed on our website in stock with us. This means that your orders are fulfilled much faster. Our pricing policy makes sure that you get the best deals on any product that you order from us - all products are priced at much below the actual MRP.

What is a Shopping Cart?

An online shopping cart is similar to the cart you use in physical supermarkets. You add items that you wish to purchase into it and proceed to pay for your order. Just as in a supermarket you can add as many items as you want from any of the categories before check out.

What is My Account?

"My Account" allows you complete control over your transactions at Yuva Computer Store. Not only can you manage/edit all your personal data like address, phone numbers, email ids, you can change your user ids and passwords. You can also track the status of your pending orders or edit them through this section.

Why do I need to Log-on to access my shopping cart?
You shopping cart, wish list and other account specific information is stored in the databases residing on our server. We do not use cookies to store this information. This is why you need to log-on to identify yourself to the server and access these services


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